Rolex Watches: Reviews on ROLEX DAY-DATE 118235 Watch

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The Day-Date 118235 has a stigma of being an old man’s watch because of the fact that it is very expensive and classic dress watch. It will be rarely seen someone wearing this watch under the age of at least 40. Among watch enthusiasts, this watch is less popular but among the collectors and aficionados, this model is respected.

Because of ROLEX DAY-DATE 118235 being a dress watch, it is considerably smaller. The dial is 36mm. There were very little cosmetic changes in this watch ever since 1956 when it was first introduced. It has to be admitted that the Day Date 118235 watch are 36mm in diameter but looks pretty big on the wrist, but the dimensions are appropriate for dress attire.

The bracelet of the Rolex Daydate 118235 is among one of the unique features of Rolex Day Date watches. It is not noticed by many observers that this type of watches have their bracelets completely different and unique compared to other models of Rolex. It is often called the President’s bracelet.

Over the years many manufacturers have tried outsourcing strategy for various components of the watches for cost reduction and manufacturing efficiency. But in spite of the higher cost Rolex 118235 always have a god control of the designs and manufactured all components under the same roof.

More features of the Rolex Daydate 118235: Automatic Movement, Case Material of the Rose Gold 316L Stainless Steel, Case Diameter of 36mm, watch dial of brown colour, Sapphire crystal and it is a 1:1 AAA High Quality Watch. If you want to save more and get huge deal on the Rolex Daydate 118235, you can make your purchase from credible online replica watches store which you will get quality guarantee and warranty and no tax and satisfied customer service and free shipping.

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The Best Chronograph Watches In The World

If you don’t count the date feature, the chronograph is probably the most popular complication for wristwatches, as well as one of the most useful: one can find many uses for a chrono during his or her everyday life, such as timing diner preparation or in other work- or sports-related activities.

Today, chronographs are very popular. Aside from the date, a chronograph—translated literally as “time writer”—is considered the most useful feature on a watch because it allows wearers to measure elapsed time. If you don’t count the date feature, the chronograph is probably the most popular complication for wristwatches, as well as one of the most useful: one can find many uses for a chrono during his or her everyday life, such as timing diner preparation or in other work- or sports-related activities.

Much like dive watches and dress watches, having a good chronograph in your collection is always a good idea. Its ability to run like a stopwatch is one of the most practical functions of modern watches. Powered by movements featuring a coulisse lever or the more technically challenging column wheel, chronographs are universally beloved by pilots, racecar drivers, doctors. The following are the best chronograph watches in the world today.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Ceramic is the evolution of the Big Bang, with a slightly modified case and new “sexier” round push-buttons. The 45-mm titanium chronograph case contains the in-house caliber HUB 1242 Unico. Certainly replica watches UK include many nice chronograph watches.

Through the ’60s and ’70s, TAG Heuer (then known simply as Heuer) built some of the coolest chronographs around, and thanks to Steve McQueen the Monaco remains the most popular and collectible of its time. The brand has reissued the Monaco on a few different occasions, but this new version-TAG Heuer Monaco Cal. 11 Chronograph Reissue is the most true to the original thus far.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional you can buy today is nearly identical to the one worn to the moon in 1969 — same case shape and size, same dial design, nearly the same movement, even. The Speedmaster of the ’60s was built and tested to be incredibly tough, and its iconic status as the first watch on the moon makes it a must-have for any serious watch collector. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Swiss Watches: Brief Comments of Audemars Piguet SIHH Gold Chronometer 26320BA.OO.1220BA.02

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replica audemars piguet watch

In the 70s of last century, Audemars Piguet launched a famous sports watch series Royal oak. At that time, exaggerated octagonal shape and huge size suffered controversy. One of the most controversial is the steel.

At that time, steel was considered a cheap metal (so does it today). As top watches, the use of precious metals is a standard which is not expressly provided. And gold is very typical. But for decades, the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet has not been destroyed by controversy. It is more like a benchmark on the top of luxury high watch top. It has become a classic product in this field. In the 2016 SIHH, Audemars Piguet adopts “Gold” as her theme. Dating back to the rise of that series, it created a comprehensive Royal Oak gold watch family from basic version to perpetual calendar, tourbillon and chronometer. This time, we will introduce the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Gold chronometer to you. The version is 26320BA.OO.1220BA.02.

In the past few years, gold watches seemed to fade away, replaced by rose, gold, steel, and other special materials. Due to the luxury represented by gold is too conspicuous, on the one hand, many young people can not hold down the “gas field”, and on the other hand, we all pay attention to introverted, for wearing a gold watch is too shinning. People buy gold watch less, especially watches with gold watch chain. But the gold watch is regarded as a classic which is not unreasonable. The ultimate goal of many people is to have a gold watch. Because gold is full of of history, culture and identity of the precious metals.

18K gold chain

Collocated with Octagonal ring, the watch chain of Royal Oak is also not the traditional type. Links of Audemars Piguet solid gold bracelet connect each other with the small piece of gold linker. The appropriate link distance make overall use of very smooth. Also check best rolex replica for more choices on buying Swiss gold watches.

Rolex Watches: Tips on properly maintain the Rolex mechanical watch

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rolex day date replica

Often play it

If do not always wear Rolex mechanical watches, it is unfavorable for maintenance. Mechanical watches are brush watch oil, if it is not operated for a long time, the gear inside and escapement system will have no proper lubrication, with increasing time, the perennial watch’s the travel time would have greater error.

Maintain Rolex watches regularly

Do not usually contact with the acidity of things (such as with soap),no strong collision, far away from the magnetic field (such as a microphone or something), don’t close to the steam.

For Rolex watches that have a good degree of sealing, dust is not easy to enter the machine watch, at the same time machine lubricating oil is not easy to volatile diaspora and metamorphic, so that you can maintenance per4-5 years a time.If the user is working in humid or dusty environment, then the maintenance time is about per two years a time.In short, you should master according to the watch’s work. If you the watch was water seepage,damp, magnetic, crash and has a large error or stop walking, you should clean and check it.

Mechanical watch is to regularly brush watch oil, two years to do a maintenance of oil, that your beloved watch will be forever young like you.

Chain every day

Manual chain mechanical watch, at the first time of using,manually chain 20 to 30 times, then regularly chain every day is better.The automatic chain mechanical movement mainly rely on the the movement of arm, if it is not enough,you can manually chain again.General design of sophisticated mechanical watch has full string automatic sliding design to avoid watch spring breaking. Therefore, spring will be dissatisfied even if chain it a day.

About wearing Rolex Sporty Watch

Rolex mechanical watch has many gears and precision parts, so it is afraid of collision!If if you are going to play violent basketball,football, triathlon, golf, tennis those need continuous swing arm movement, try not to play with automatic mechanical watch, such as the replica rolex daytona, so as not to damage the machine.

Tag Heuer Watch: Reviews on MIKROGIRDER

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replica tag heuer carrera

Surpass the past and future: Tag Heuer shows extreme precision in technology and design

Tag Heuer promoted the high vibration frequency to an amazing new level, which is a breakthrough. Without sacrificing accuracy and effectiveness, Mikrogirder has made numerous technological leaps. In the future, the design and functions of chronograph watch has great potential of development. And Tag Heuer is a leader from the beginning to the end.

Tag Heuer, the real “technology and design”.

The inspiration of placing the watch crown in the position of 12 o’clock came from the Tag Heuer 1/100 chronograph watch in 1920. The whole design of the watch is very fashion. The irregular shape of the dial shows an open view, making it easier to read. At the same time, the unique design of the dial can present the working state of linear oscillator. Reviewing the Tag Heuer’s shaping road in the past ten years started from the concept watch, Monaco V4, Calibre 360, Monaco 24, Mikrograph 100, and the latest work Mikrotimer Flying1000 at the end of 2011, MIKROGIRDER is no doubt a new concept watch, it is also a pioneering masterpiece with the ultimate precision.

From the very beginning, Tag Heuer broke through the shackles of the time, and pursuit the ultimate precision, making it a unique chronograph watch brand that handle a butcher’s cleaver skillfully — do a job with skill and ease among 1/10 seconds, 1/100 seconds and 1/1000 seconds. Tag Heuer was founded in 1860 dominating the field of high frequency timekeeping. In 1916, Charles Auguste Heuer launched the 1 /100 Mikrograph chronograph to the public, which is said to be the Swiss legend. In twenty-first Century, the Tag Heuer did not meet the previous achievements, but to attack the new topic of the precise timing and chase in the complex movement field. In 2005, for the first time, Tag Heuer showed how the mechanical watch measure and display 1/100 seconds with Calibre 360. In 2011, Tag Heuer launched the Carrera Mikrograph 1/100 chronograph, which is the first mechanism watch that can be precise to 1/100 seconds and indicating the time directly by center pointer. After that, in the Basel in March 2011, Tag Heuer launched the amazing Mikrotimer Flying 1000 as the fastest mechanism watch in the world. It can measure and display the unbelievable 1/1000 seconds.

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Swiss TAG Heuer: The First Swiss Watch In Space

TAG Heuer watches are among the most innovative, the most accurate, and the most well-designed watches. The brand is offering a strong history of innovation, deep connections with sports timing and automobile racing.

TAG Heuer is the time-stopping specialist: Charles-Auguste Heuer launched the original Mikrograph in 1916. It was the first mechanical stopwatch able to measure 1/100th of a second. To accomplish this, the movement’s rate was 360,000 vph – ten times faster than the 36,000 vph chronographs that we usually think of as “fast.” The original Mikrograph revolutionized sports timekeeping and served as the official stopwatch for the 1920 Olympics.  And now TAG Heuer create the most modern chronograph wristwatches. This was a fact well known to actor Steve McQueen when he wore the square-shaped TAG Heuer Monaco in the 1971 film Le Mans. This watch, with its dark blue dial, achieved cult status thanks to its appearance in the film.  Today,TAG Heuer is well-known for their precise chronographs and considered one of the top Swiss watch manufacturers.

When you think of mechanical watches in space, you think of, well, not TAG Heuer. But you should, because as it turns out, Heuer was the first Swiss watch in space. In May, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced his goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth by the end of the decade. The first step toward that goal was to put a man into orbit. That man was John Glenn, flying the Mercury “Friendship 7” mission on February 20, 1962. Glenn orbited the Earth three times wearing a Heuer 2915A stopwatch on his wrist, on top of his spacesuit, held in place by a custom-made elastic strap. The watch served as the mission back-up timer, and it was used in space. Today, the watch is kept at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

TAG Heuer have been designed primarily for those that depend on ridiculously accurate timekeeping. From the first-ever stopwatch to be accurate to 1/100 of a second to the first-ever chromatograph designed for professional racers, these watches are functional first but also very, very attractive. Tag Heuer replica watches will give you the chance to enjoy the most good timepiece within your budget.  If you buy a replica TAG Heuer and soon realize it is really suitable for you, the price of the watch is quite affordable, so you can also buy another one.

Panerai Watches: Reviews on Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 Carbon Fiber Watch

Nowadays, the use of emerging scientific and technological achievements has become a spotlight on the creation of the chronograph. They often with a bright cutting-edge technology, explain the age charm of the wrist. The Military watches Panerai are like this, combines its inexhaustible power on the chronograph creation and the special attainments in inheriting the advanced watchmaking technology, to create many extraordinary works that can find everything new and fresh for the watch aficionados.

The Panerai brand on Geneva senior clock salon 2017 launches one of the representatives – Panerai LAB – IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch, which shows the innovative attainments of the Panerai contemporary watches with brand new cutting-edge traits of special case, new black dial and the watch movement which ensures that it will be without lubrication for 50 years (wrist watch models: PAM00700), and there only launch 50 pieces of this Panerai watch.

In 2017, senior Swiss watch brand Panerai has given us very fresh feeling. And it makes the watch case creation direction again extend to high-tech fields, from the international research results, selects the carbon material that has the unlimited potential for the new watch production material, from the inside to the outside shows the charm of science and technology: high brand recognition of “pillow” form case is made of the composite materials that are based on the carbon fiber, and the watch dial that covers the carbon nanotubes dial, etc.

Fully mixing the superior mechanical properties of carbon composite material, makes the watch movement also can run smoothly without lubrication. New technology has brought a new direction for the watch development, and it has brought the outstanding works on wrist for the watch aficionados. Comparing with the traditional watchcase, slender Carbotech chip not only is more light and agile, and more able to withstand external pressure, also has low sensitization and corrosion resistant properties, and the superior performance.  Check replica watches usa to save more if you want to buy this Panerai watch.

2 Swiss Perpetual Calendar Watches In 2017

Swiss watches are very popular all around the world for their accurate measuring instruments and stylish look. Like the original Swiss watches, fake Swiss watches are made from the superior material and enjoy a perfect design and high quality. The high precision can help the racers to record time without any error. The powerful waterproofness can make you enjoy your diving time with your fake Swiss watches. The stylish look of your watch can make you turn heads. All of us love these perfect watch and can’t wait to experience the uniqueness from these decent timepieces. Here we are going to look at 2 Swiss Perpetual Calendar watches.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

When Audemars Piguet unveiled their latest Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in full black ceramic, we knew this would be one of our favorite watches for men this year. This watch has a perpetual calender and it is built with black ceramic. It boasts the very practical perpetual calendar function. A useful mechanism indeed, a perpetual calendar watch accurately keeps track of time, date, month, moon phase, and leap year without the need for manual adjusting until 2100. But just as appealing, is the look of the black ceramic construction of the new AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. Not only is black ceramic attractive, but it’s also resistant to scratching and fading.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5320G Perpetual Calendar

At Baselworld 2017, Patek Philippe launched the Ref. 5320G Perpetual Calendar. Featuring a unique cream-color, the all-new 5320G dial is endowed with applied blackened gold Arabic numerals (except at 5, 6, and 7), with luminescent material. Applied five-minute luminescent cabochons further enhance the legibility of the dial. The watch functions include a perpetual calendar with day, month, leap-year cycle and day/night indication in apertures. Analog date. Moon phases with a manual change only needed every 122 years.  This new Ref. 5320G perpetual calendar comes with a shiny chocolate brown alligator strap with large square scales and is secured with a deployant buckle in 18K white gold. The retail price is $82,784.

For many years, fake Swiss watches are always loved by everyone. Since we got to know about wrist watches, fake Swiss watches has had its own status in our hearts. It seems that  fake Swiss watches is the most perfect watch in the world that everyone can afford. Its exquisite design, excellent performance and brilliant history become the elements for us to enjoy these watches. When you want to get the best timepieces,  fake Swiss watches will be the best choice.

MB HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

For SIHH 2017, Geneva, Switzerland-based watchmaker MB&F debuts the Horological Machine No. 7 (HM7) Aquapod – and it is pretty darn cool. While diving watch in style, MB&F is quick to point out that the “HM7 is not a diving watch.” Why? If there is one downside to this marvelous beauty, it is that it only has 50 meters of water resistance. Perhaps we should simply consider this a “swimming watch.” Then again, if you have one of these circa $100,000 flying tourbillon-equipped timepieces on your wrist, you likely aren’t going to rely on it in aquatic environments for more than mere wading.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

Before discussing the fascinating technical elements of this jellyfish-inspired timepiece design, a few words in general about MB&F at the outset of 2017. As a company, MB&F has done two very difficult things. First, it has been able to capture the hearts and minds of the watch and design enthusiast community for over a decade through a series of product debuts. This means that MB&F’s team including founder Max Busser and its dedicated staff have demonstrated an incredible consistency of quality in almost every product they release. This implies an intense level of focus and likely internal ability to accept and evaluate criticism. What does that mean? I think that MB&F has a good system that allows itself to refine each idea prior to going into production. Moreover, there seems to be a highly effective feedback loop that allows potential issues to be mitigated and refined before anything reaches a consumer. This is the only way that the brand could ensure such consistently good quality in design, technical production, and marketing.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

MB&F has also been able to remain boutique yet professional. Capping production volumes and activity has probably held back profitability, but has allowed everything else to remain solid. Max Busser has hinted at this fact to me on many occasions, and I think it is worth mentioning. In a sense, the brand has traded potential growth for an ability to maintain its personality and soul – and that no doubt requires constant discipline. Many other brands have gone the other route. In a sense, MB&F is a very personal brand to Max Busser and his inner team. Remove them and the magic goes away. That means what we are seeing in terms of product and quality is something special that is a result of a particular assortment of individuals, in a particular place, at a particular time. It can’t be replicated and eventually in the future (near or far) it will be disbanded. With that knowledge, I continue to pay close attention to the brand knowing that inherently their work is ephemeral and valuable.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

OK, so on to this MB&F HM7 Aquapod, which in all likelihood will wear like a thick Casio G-Shock in terms of overall proportions. Also note that this is the first round-cased Horological Machine that the brand has produced. Max Busser defied his own conventions when producing the original Legacy Machine 1 (LM1), which was the first round-cased watch the brand produced. This might seem like a minor point, but it is a big deal to the established watch community in Switzerland that sees “round” as established and conservative and anything other than that as being at least a little bit edgy. MB&F came on the scene in order to offer more innovative aesthetics, so the idea of doing something round was sort of contrary to the mission of the brand. Now, after exploring a range of watch case shapes, the brand feels comfortable enough to produce something that does indeed have a round case profile – even if the MB&F HM7 Aquapod is anything but a traditional round watch.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

Another quirk to the release of the MB&F HM7 Aquapod is that it comes after the release of the HM8. It was not that long ago that MB&F released the Horological Machine No. 8 Can-Am watch in September of 2016. These types of products have long lead times, and so what I believe happened is that the HM8 was simply ready prior to the HM7. Why the two models were released so close together is unclear, though I am sure MB&F has their reasons. If anything, the once uncommon release cycle of watches from the brand has accelerated over the last few years. Production quantities are still very low, but it is increasingly difficult for us as well as collectors to keep up with all the new things the brand has been coming out with. With that said, judging by products like the MB&F HM7 Aquapod, there does not seem to be a lack of creative fuel at the brand.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

One of my favorite watch brands of all time was inspired by jellyfish, and that is the now defunct Nubeo. Their Medusse Project watches had a distinct way of taking aesthetic and shape cues from our gelatinous cnidarian friends in the sea. MB&F follows suit, but in their own manner with the MB&F Horological Machine No. 7. As in the Nubeo, the easiest way of seeing the jellyfish look is by seeing the Aquapod from its side. MB&F once again relied on their long-time design partner Eric Giroud for the design of the MB&F HM7 Aquapod collection.

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon Diving-Style Watch Watch Releases

To start, the MB&F HM7 Aquapod is being produced as a limited edition in two versions, with one being in titanium and one being in 18k red gold. The case is 53.8mm wide and 21.3mm thick produced from a whopping 95 parts. Though it will wear smaller given that the crowns (there are two) are in the middle section of the case, and because the lugs are narrower and more inset than the overall case dimensions suggest. I haven’t see the MB&F HM7 Aquapod yet at the time of writing, but I imagine that it will be comfortable to wear, but sit tall off the wrist.

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

It was just last year that Rolex refreshed their Daytona line by introducing a ceramic (or Cerachrom) bezel, and now for 2017, we see the release of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with ceramic bezel in white and yellow gold with a… wait for it… Oysterflex rubber strap. Yes, the Daytona is joining the ranks of the Yacht-Master which introduced the Oysterflex strap in 2015. The three versions will come in yellow gold, white gold, and Everose (the proprietary Rolex Pink gold), all of which will have the caliber 4130 movement that was upgraded to the Rolex Superlative Chronometer Certification of being accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day.

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

The combination of Cerachrom dial, gold, and the Oysterflex presents a refreshing of the Rolex Daytona that I’m not sure many people anticipated and we’ll really be able to give you a true reporting of the watches look like once we share our hands on images with you soon. I have a feeling there is going to be a healthy mix or “love it or hate it” extremes in opinion here, which is always something that I love.

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

For those not familiar with what the Oysterflex bracelet is, I’ll let our description of it from when it was introduced do the work: “The structure of the bracelet begins with a metal “blade” (a titanium nickel alloy) that creates a base shape and allows it to fit securely. One of the most interesting elements on the strap are the “fins” underneath that are designed to create a cushion between the strap and your wrist. This allows for your wrist to expand and contract a bit while the strap remains comfortable and snug, and also helps vent the inner part of the strap a bit on hot days. It is a great feeling strap made out of an ‘elastomer’ material which is connected to an 18k rose gold deployant clasp.”

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

Additionally, the Rolex Oysterflex strap also features the 5mm Rolex Easylink rapid extension for when you need more or less room on your wrist. So, even though Rolex refers to it as a “bracelet,” the Oysterflex is really a very high-end strap that Rolex is deciding to use on what is arguably their most iconic watch. Of course, the fact that we are seeing it on only gold watches lets us know that these won’t be the predominant style of Daytona strap anytime soon. I have a feeling that the text reading “OYSTERFLEX” down the width of the strap is going to inspire some complaining.

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

On the inside, the watch stays the same. The 4130 movement is accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day and has a 72-hour power reserve. The 40mm-wide oyster case is water resistant to 100M and is really just the same Daytona you know.

New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches In Gold With Oysterflex Rubber Strap & Ceramic Bezel For 2017 Watch Releases

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in yellow gold ref. 116518LN is going to have a champagne dial with a sunray finish and black subdials, while the hour markers are going to be in Chromalight (aka lume) and 18k yellow gold with a black PVD coating. The hands, naturally, will be in yellow gold and Chromalight. The 18k yellow gold is also going to carry over to the safety clasp of the Oysterflex bracelet. This pattern will carry over to the white gold model ref. 116519LN and Everose gold model ref. 116515LN, as well. We’ll have a lot more for you guys once we go hands on with these pieces including exact pricing information.