Swiss Watches: Get to Know the Hublot Watch Waterproof

The meaning of the waterproof of 100 meters

When the wristHublot watch marked 10 ATM or 100 meters waterproof, in addition to the daily wearing of this Hublot watch, resistance to small amounts of splashing water of washing hands or face and the rains outside, it also can wear to wash the car, take shower (only cold water), but do not soak it in the water, more can’t wash the sauna to meet heat when wear it, because your replica Hublot watch can waterproof, but it can’t prevent water vapor.

How to identify the Hublot watch waterproof?

Your replica Hublot watch waterproof relies on the waterproof aprons on the table mirror, back cover and gangmaster to reach the corresponding standards. On the bottom cover of all water-resistant replica Hublot watch there have the English words of “WATER RESISTANT” or “WATER PROOF”. Those replica Hublot watches without waterproof tag can only dustproof, and you should avoid it to touch water. 30 meters (3 ATM, namely three atmospheres) water-resistant replica Hublot watches can be used for daily wash and dress or use in the rain, that is the water splashed on the surface but no hydraulic pressure on the Hublot watch.

replica hublot watches
replica hublot watches

Is the water resistant Hublot watch really waterproof?

For any replica waterproof Hublot watch, whether indicating how many meters it is waterproof, it cannot be used in hot water (> 40 ° c). Here are two reasons: (1) the permeability of the water molecules increases greatly in the case of temperature increases, and all the waterproof replica Hublot watch are designed on the base of the cold water. (2) According to the heat bilges and cold shrinks, under the condition of the hot water, some components of the replica Hublot watch will appear different levels of inflation, which results in the gap increase. Waterproof replica Hublot watches can be exposed to the place with a small amount of water, such as there is a small amount of splashing water to wash your hands.

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Hublot Watches: Reviews on the Classic Fusion Harrods Exclusive Limited Watch

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer joined hands with harrods, and designed to create a new Classic Fusion blue Harrods Exclusive Limited Watch, which set limit to 50 pieces, and priced at 6900 euros, and it is only sold in knightsbridge harrods. The diameter of this Hublot Classic Fusion watch is 45 mm in diameter, keeping the continuation of classical fusion series corner angle watchcase and round watch bezel design, and it has formed the distinctive contrast after the polishing and wire drawing processing. The titanium watchcase is matching the composite resin filling on both sides, which makes the design of this Swiss watch more unique and colorful.

Blue polishing watch dial surface is decorated with solar radiation grain, and it is matching with the central hour, minute and second hands. The Hublot classic fustion series usually adopts bar time scale design, and the Classic Fusion Harrods Exclusive Limited Watch applies the nifty Arabic Numbers instead of the even number time scales, and sets the date display window at 3 o ‘clock position. The watch has a blue rubber strap or blue rubber lining alligator strap.

The Harrodsmen’s clothing, sports series and wrist watch fashion director Jason Broderick said: “the Hublot watch forges an iconic brand in its own way, and we are full of enthusiasm to cooperate with Hublot watches. The new Exclusive Limited Watch not only has elegant appearance, but also contains characteristics and the secret of success that makes the Hublot brand successful. We believe that the first works that we join hands to launch will become a landmark, and it will become a special meter that will have extremely high collection value.

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