A best Accompany on your overseas travel – Rolex GMT-Master II

Manufactured by Rolex from an extremely hard ceramic material since 2005, the exclusive Cerachrom bezel insert and monobloc bezel have excellent anti-corrosion properties and keep their vibrant colors over time. They are virtually scratch-proof, and are unaffected by exposure to sunlight as well as to chlorinated or sea water.

olex developed a unique process which culminates in their being coated with a thin layer of yellow gold or platinum, to inscribe the numerals and graduations on such a hard material. It takes 40 hours to produce each Cerachrom bezel. At Rolex, no measure is too extreme in the pursuit of beauty and function. When Concorde performed its final test flights in the 1960s, Rolex proudly announced that both the British and French test pilots (Brian Trubshaw and André Turcat) wore GMT-Masters. In an era of supersonic flight, the Roelx GMT-Master had become invaluable.

As intercontinental travel developed in the 1950s with the advent of the jet age, airliners began to fly swiftly across several successive time zones, obliging pilots to keep an eye on the time in various places in the world simultaneously (such as the airport of departure and arrival, or local time and GMT reference time). the dial of Rolex Gmt Replica is the distinctive face of a Rolex watch, the feature most responsible for its identity and readability. Characterised by hour markers fashioned from 18 ct gold to prevent tarnishing, every Rolex dial is designed and manufactured in-house, largely by hand to ensure perfection.

Although the Rolex GMT-Master was designed essentially for professional use, its combination of peerless functionality and rugged good looks has attracted a wider travelling public. As well as appreciating its ability to display different time zones, these travelers admire the robustness and versatile appearance that make the GMT-Master eminently suitable for globetrotting and, indeed, for any occasion.

By operating its own exclusive foundry, Rolex has the unrivalled ability to cast the highest quality 18 ct gold alloys. According to the proportion of silver, copper, platinum or palladium added, different types of 18 ct gold are obtained: yellow, pink or white. They are made with only the purest metals and meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, before the gold is formed and shaped with the same painstaking attention to quality. Rolex’s commitment to excellence begins at the source.

The Rolex GMT-Master was developed to meet their needs, at the height of the golden age of air travel. It became the official watch of several intercontinental airlines, notably the famous Pan American World Airways, better known as Pan Am.


Swiss Watches: Get to Know the Hublot Watch Waterproof

The meaning of the waterproof of 100 meters

When the wristHublot watch marked 10 ATM or 100 meters waterproof, in addition to the daily wearing of this Hublot watch, resistance to small amounts of splashing water of washing hands or face and the rains outside, it also can wear to wash the car, take shower (only cold water), but do not soak it in the water, more can’t wash the sauna to meet heat when wear it, because your replica Hublot watch can waterproof, but it can’t prevent water vapor.

How to identify the Hublot watch waterproof?

Your replica Hublot watch waterproof relies on the waterproof aprons on the table mirror, back cover and gangmaster to reach the corresponding standards. On the bottom cover of all water-resistant replica Hublot watch there have the English words of “WATER RESISTANT” or “WATER PROOF”. Those replica Hublot watches without waterproof tag can only dustproof, and you should avoid it to touch water. 30 meters (3 ATM, namely three atmospheres) water-resistant replica Hublot watches can be used for daily wash and dress or use in the rain, that is the water splashed on the surface but no hydraulic pressure on the Hublot watch.

replica hublot watches
replica hublot watches

Is the water resistant Hublot watch really waterproof?

For any replica waterproof Hublot watch, whether indicating how many meters it is waterproof, it cannot be used in hot water (> 40 ° c). Here are two reasons: (1) the permeability of the water molecules increases greatly in the case of temperature increases, and all the waterproof replica Hublot watch are designed on the base of the cold water. (2) According to the heat bilges and cold shrinks, under the condition of the hot water, some components of the replica Hublot watch will appear different levels of inflation, which results in the gap increase. Waterproof replica Hublot watches can be exposed to the place with a small amount of water, such as there is a small amount of splashing water to wash your hands.

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Choosing A Dress Watch To Compliment You

A dress watch is the only watch that will serve at formal and business events. When you want to look your absolute best, the dress watch is the best choice. It is something you’re proud to have around your wrist. It can be said that the dress watch is the only watch in your collection that is absolutely indispensable.

Birthed in the early 20th century for well-to-do gentlemen who wanted to start wearing their timepiece on their wrist, rather than in their pocket. The dress watch is all about simplicity and sophistication; it’s sleek rather than encumbered. It’s not flashy, and draws attention to itself in a subtle way — for its classiness and how it compliments your get-up. With its classic and timeless good looks, subtlety and understatement are key for the dress watch. It is only upon closer inspection that the timepiece reveals its details and the quality of its construction.

A dress watch needs to be simplistic. Elegant. And above all, minimalistic. It isn’t some gaudy watch that’s bejeweled with diamonds or a chronograph that is so big it looks like a clock. Most dress watches have no complications, or have at most a second hand and a date window.The presentation must be simple as well. Metal sabre style hour indexes are common, as are roman numerals. Arabic numerals may be used but should be small.

The dial and bezel should be unornamented, or patterned subtly at most. White, black or metallic faces are preferred. It is subtle, understated and charming. You wear a dress watch for dressier, more formal occasions like with a business suit or a tuxedo. But you can also wear a dress watch with everything on down to sharp casual. It won’t pair well with a t-shirt and jeans.

The Cartier Tank is consistently one of our favorite dress watches. Simplistic and elegant, along with it’s accurate timekeeping, the Cartier Tank watch is a marvel of fine watchmaking. The tank features a square case and distinctive roman numeral hour markers in black on a white dial. It is available in quartz, handwind or automatic movements. Cartier Tank is very popular with the business community as well as the contemporary artist due to its clean lines and simplicity. And Cartier ballon bleu replica is also a good choice for men and women in formal occasions.