Tag Heuer Watch: Reviews on MIKROGIRDER

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replica tag heuer carrera

Surpass the past and future: Tag Heuer shows extreme precision in technology and design

Tag Heuer promoted the high vibration frequency to an amazing new level, which is a breakthrough. Without sacrificing accuracy and effectiveness, Mikrogirder has made numerous technological leaps. In the future, the design and functions of chronograph watch has great potential of development. And Tag Heuer is a leader from the beginning to the end.

Tag Heuer, the real “technology and design”.

The inspiration of placing the watch crown in the position of 12 o’clock came from the Tag Heuer 1/100 chronograph watch in 1920. The whole design of the watch is very fashion. The irregular shape of the dial shows an open view, making it easier to read. At the same time, the unique design of the dial can present the working state of linear oscillator. Reviewing the Tag Heuer’s shaping road in the past ten years started from the concept watch, Monaco V4, Calibre 360, Monaco 24, Mikrograph 100, and the latest work Mikrotimer Flying1000 at the end of 2011, MIKROGIRDER is no doubt a new concept watch, it is also a pioneering masterpiece with the ultimate precision.

From the very beginning, Tag Heuer broke through the shackles of the time, and pursuit the ultimate precision, making it a unique chronograph watch brand that handle a butcher’s cleaver skillfully — do a job with skill and ease among 1/10 seconds, 1/100 seconds and 1/1000 seconds. Tag Heuer was founded in 1860 dominating the field of high frequency timekeeping. In 1916, Charles Auguste Heuer launched the 1 /100 Mikrograph chronograph to the public, which is said to be the Swiss legend. In twenty-first Century, the Tag Heuer did not meet the previous achievements, but to attack the new topic of the precise timing and chase in the complex movement field. In 2005, for the first time, Tag Heuer showed how the mechanical watch measure and display 1/100 seconds with Calibre 360. In 2011, Tag Heuer launched the Carrera Mikrograph 1/100 chronograph, which is the first mechanism watch that can be precise to 1/100 seconds and indicating the time directly by center pointer. After that, in the Basel in March 2011, Tag Heuer launched the amazing Mikrotimer Flying 1000 as the fastest mechanism watch in the world. It can measure and display the unbelievable 1/1000 seconds.

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Swiss TAG Heuer: The First Swiss Watch In Space

TAG Heuer watches are among the most innovative, the most accurate, and the most well-designed watches. The brand is offering a strong history of innovation, deep connections with sports timing and automobile racing.

TAG Heuer is the time-stopping specialist: Charles-Auguste Heuer launched the original Mikrograph in 1916. It was the first mechanical stopwatch able to measure 1/100th of a second. To accomplish this, the movement’s rate was 360,000 vph – ten times faster than the 36,000 vph chronographs that we usually think of as “fast.” The original Mikrograph revolutionized sports timekeeping and served as the official stopwatch for the 1920 Olympics.  And now TAG Heuer create the most modern chronograph wristwatches. This was a fact well known to actor Steve McQueen when he wore the square-shaped TAG Heuer Monaco in the 1971 film Le Mans. This watch, with its dark blue dial, achieved cult status thanks to its appearance in the film.  Today,TAG Heuer is well-known for their precise chronographs and considered one of the top Swiss watch manufacturers.

When you think of mechanical watches in space, you think of, well, not TAG Heuer. But you should, because as it turns out, Heuer was the first Swiss watch in space. In May, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced his goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth by the end of the decade. The first step toward that goal was to put a man into orbit. That man was John Glenn, flying the Mercury “Friendship 7” mission on February 20, 1962. Glenn orbited the Earth three times wearing a Heuer 2915A stopwatch on his wrist, on top of his spacesuit, held in place by a custom-made elastic strap. The watch served as the mission back-up timer, and it was used in space. Today, the watch is kept at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

TAG Heuer have been designed primarily for those that depend on ridiculously accurate timekeeping. From the first-ever stopwatch to be accurate to 1/100 of a second to the first-ever chromatograph designed for professional racers, these watches are functional first but also very, very attractive. Tag Heuer replica watches will give you the chance to enjoy the most good timepiece within your budget.  If you buy a replica TAG Heuer and soon realize it is really suitable for you, the price of the watch is quite affordable, so you can also buy another one.

Panerai Watches: Reviews on Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 Carbon Fiber Watch

Nowadays, the use of emerging scientific and technological achievements has become a spotlight on the creation of the chronograph. They often with a bright cutting-edge technology, explain the age charm of the wrist. The Military watches Panerai are like this, combines its inexhaustible power on the chronograph creation and the special attainments in inheriting the advanced watchmaking technology, to create many extraordinary works that can find everything new and fresh for the watch aficionados.

The Panerai brand on Geneva senior clock salon 2017 launches one of the representatives – Panerai LAB – IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch, which shows the innovative attainments of the Panerai contemporary watches with brand new cutting-edge traits of special case, new black dial and the watch movement which ensures that it will be without lubrication for 50 years (wrist watch models: PAM00700), and there only launch 50 pieces of this Panerai watch.

In 2017, senior Swiss watch brand Panerai has given us very fresh feeling. And it makes the watch case creation direction again extend to high-tech fields, from the international research results, selects the carbon material that has the unlimited potential for the new watch production material, from the inside to the outside shows the charm of science and technology: high brand recognition of “pillow” form case is made of the composite materials that are based on the carbon fiber, and the watch dial that covers the carbon nanotubes dial, etc.

Fully mixing the superior mechanical properties of carbon composite material, makes the watch movement also can run smoothly without lubrication. New technology has brought a new direction for the watch development, and it has brought the outstanding works on wrist for the watch aficionados. Comparing with the traditional watchcase, slender Carbotech chip not only is more light and agile, and more able to withstand external pressure, also has low sensitization and corrosion resistant properties, and the superior performance.  Check replica watches usa to save more if you want to buy this Panerai watch.